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Attention Timberland Owners:

Is it time to sell my timber?

Should I thin or clear cut?

How and when do I replant?

Do I need herbicides and when do I apply them?

What is the best way to invest in timberland?

What is the best way to sell my timberland?

There are many questions about owning and managing timberland that can cause landowners and investors sleepless nights. The Thomas Timber Team can ease the anxiety that is created by the decisions of owning and managing timberland. Proper timber management planning with long and short term goals will provide the guidance required to make confident decisions at the proper intervals. Thomas Timber can provide the expert assistance needed to provide and execute a plan that will allow the attainment of all of your goals. Our knowledge of acquiring timberland, planting and growing timber, marketing and harvesting timber, or buying and selling timberland will allow us to cater a flexible management plan designed to meet your specific goals, whether those goals are to attain the highest possible investment returns or to provide for maximum wildlife habitat or anything else in between.

Private landowners will try to go it alone without the assistance of a trusted advisor. They’ll use “free” advice to manage their precious timberland. That advisor likely did not consider all of the consequences that could happen and the decisions made considering free advice often lead to results that are well below the expectations of those owners.Let us take the guesswork out of being a private timberland owner. We’ll properly evaluate your timberland, tailor a management plan that incorporates your goals and values and execute that plan to achieve the maximum returns toward your goals. Our Real Estate expertise can even help you purchase more land. If it is time to sell we can list and sell timberland.