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Timber harvesting is the single hardest decision a landowner commonly makes. Many landowners have formed a very sentimental relationship with their forest. The trees have become our friends over the years. We have nurtured and cared for them, watched them grow and can't bear the thought of destroying that friendship.

Thomas Timber understands your apprehension. The forest is much more than the trees and often it is "hard to see the forest for the trees". The forest includes the understory, the insects, the wildlife and all of their interaction with non forested areas. Optimum forest health may depend on us to harvest trees at the proper times. Well planned harvesting techniques speed the natural process of a thinning forest population allowing stands of trees to mature earlier and ensuring the use of trees that would have otherwise been allowed to decay on the forest floor. This new spacing allows light to reach forest floor and that light encourages the understory to flourish. A lush understory provides food and cover for much wildlife.

As stands of trees mature they signal the end of a cycle. Mature trees will give way to the new generation. This regeneration can be managed with varying harvesting techniques. Shelter wood thinning and seed tree cutting leads to a gradual regeneration of natural trees from seed. The regeneration may be hastened by "clearcutting". Many people despise the term "clearcutting" and are displeasured by the appearance of a "clearcut". We must keep in mind that "clearcutting" is a regeneration tool. There are alternatives to the regeneration of trees, but "clearcutting" remains a valuable practice and more often than not leads to the highest returns on investment.

Let Thomas Timber help with your harvesting anxiety. Thomas Timber will prepare a harvesting plan that is guided by your goals and values. We can contract the loggers, execute your harvest, inspect while the harvesting is taking place and keep you informed on the progress. Call Jim to discuss the possibilities. We would welcome the opportunity to visit with you.